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Expires : 3 months

Whenever a Indigo Clothing Ltd store (Indigo2Go) or a partner representing Indigo Clothing Ltd, offers a voucher or discount code, the customer can only use one code per transaction. The customer will always pay the compulsory P&P on every transaction. Every order placed on Indigo2Go with a discount requires a discount code - should an order for any reason go through our system without a code, Indigo Clothing Ltd will refund all monies to the customer and not process the order until a valid code can be produced. If a customer places an order and forgets to add a discount code and pays the full retail price, we will look at the transaction on a case by case basis - assuming the prior proof of purchase of a discount code can be provided, we will endeavour to refund the difference. Coupons & Gift Certificates - Indigo Clothing Ltd will not accept or 'refresh' any code that a customer wants to use after the expiry date of the promotion, the date can be found on your coupon/email given by the voucher provider. There are normally three months to use the voucher and most people find this ample time to select a product. Please note, with any purchase of promotional codes, the contract remains with the seller of the code until you place an order with us, we hold no records until such time. Groupon/KGB Deals - The fine print on these sites says “Limit 1 per person” and “May buy multiples as gifts.” Can I buy myself some Groupons as gifts to myself and use more than one? No. If the fine print says this, you can only redeem one. If you buy more than one then you have to give them away as gifts to other people.


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